• Why 360 Financial?

    People choose 360 Financial frankly because we care...

  • Living with Purpose

    "Tell me. What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

  • Planning with Purpose

    360 Financial’s Big Picture Plan helps you work toward financial independence.

  • Living with Purpose

    "Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be."

  • Planning with Purpose

    Tailored financial plans to meet your unique needs - even as they change over time.

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Minneapolis Independent Financial Advisors: 360 Financial

At 360 Financial it’s all about you! While it’s great that each of our experienced financial advisors received the FIVE Star Top Wealth Manager award and the firm received the NABCAP Premier Advisor award, it’s more important for you to know why we are recognized among the top financial advisory firms in Minnesota.

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About 360 Financial

As stewards of our clients’ finances, our focus is always on you, your goals and your “life with purpose.” As independent financial advisors, we provide unbiased, no product-pushing, investment management advice that intertwines with our “Big Picture” financial planning process. We call it Planning with Purpose.
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Video Transcript - Why Choose 360 Financial

Mike Rogers, President 360 Financial
People choose 360 Financial frankly because we care. We are a small boutique advisory firm and our goal is to provide the best level of service, provide the best strategic plan, monitor it, keep you on track so you can hit your goals. We call it big picture planning. We welcome you to join us.


Tom Whitnah, Senior Vice President
To me, 360 is a friendly place. It’s much different than a big wirehouse that I worked at for many years. You get a plan that’s individually tailored for you, and our clients are our friends.

Dan Mahoney, Senior Vice President
I think our clients like 360 Financial for the personalized service they get here. They get to know the people here. And I really think they enjoy the client experience.

Jeff Thompson, Senior Vice President
One of the things I really enjoy about working here at 360 Financial is that we’re more concerned with the client than we are about the shareholder.

We work with our clients to find out what their goals are and try to design strategies and plans for them to reach those goals. It’s not the same for everyone and I think that a firm our size can deal with many different goals.

We’re small enough to offer personalized service, but big enough to help you effectively plan for your financial needs. You know that we’re taking care of you.


I’ve been a financial advisor for 29 yeas and have experience in things like financial planning, insurance planning, retirement planning. and just a broad knowledge of financial services as a whole.

For more than 28 years I’ve worked with some of the largest Wall Street firms out there, and the reason I came here is because clients get more of a personal touch.

If you’re not successful, we’re not successful.


At 360 Financial, we’re always here for you. It’s an open phone line, it’s an open door, we make it easy for relationships to form and last. I really enjoy working with people, I enjoy getting to know people, and grow with them.

One of the biggest things we get from potential clients, a couple of questions, first of all, “Can I retire?” that’s a huge question. and then the second question is “I’ve got all this stuff all over the place. Can you help me manage it?”

That’s what really brings joy to us at 360 Financial when we help somebody live with purpose. We look forward to having a long-term relationship with you.

For more information on big picture planning, please visit 360financial.net.

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Expert Financial Advisors serving Minneapolis, Minnetonka and Minnesota

Your financial advisor is an important person in your life: someone who will guide you on a journey of wealth discovery that can offer you significant opportunities for living with purpose and securing your goals and dreams.

At 360 Financial, we offer you the advice you need in order to move your financial plans forward. We pride ourselves on being prudent; we do not take unnecessary risks. We know that a patient, long-term strategy is often the best plan, allowing for economic fluctuations, life changes, and course corrections without undue stress and strain.

Qualified Minneapolis Financial Advisors

Advising you about wealth is serious business, and no one here takes it lightly. Our financial advisors have a minimum of 25 years of experience, and are deeply focused on you. They work hard to get to know you and understand the financial goals you have for yourself, your family, and your heirs. The more we know what is important to you, the better we are able to tailor a plan that provides you with the most benefit.

The first step in the financial advising and wealth planning process is to come in and talk with us. We will listen closely (and ask you a number of questions) to come up with the plan that is going to be the most beneficial to you. The sooner you meet with us, the sooner we can get started. Financial advisors from our firm will be knowledgeable and upfront with you about your current finances, where you want to go, and how best to get there.

Our financial advisors keep in touch frequently – your financial well-being is important to us. We believe that working with a financial advisor is not a one-and-done situation; there is more to it than just setting up a goal and letting your advisor make it happen without any further input. Circumstances change; life can throw the unexpected at you, and you may find that some of the goals you set for yourself no longer serve your purpose. During those times, we will be there to advise you further and help you make any needed changes.

Looking for a Successful Minneapolis Financial Advisor?

We are committed to being available to our clients whenever they need financial advice or have a question for their advisor. Building wealth is very important to a secure future; getting started with us can help you turn that future into a reality. With the right financial advice and a strong relationship with a trusted wealth-building firm, you can truly live with purpose.

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